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The Upper Valley is working with The West Chicago Illinois Community Fiber Network to bring high-speed fiber-optic networking to 23 towns in Chicago. We're functioning to create a high tech system to carry high-speed broadband Internet service to every home, business, and office and school in each of these areas. The Upper Valley freshly declared the takeoff of a pilot project focused in Illinois.

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Blog of the Month: Make Sure That Your Website
Passes The Load Test

Websites have come a long way over the past 20 years. A few decades ago, websites were primarily static websites that provided people with basic text information. There was very little on the websites from 20 years ago in terms of graphics, video, or other things that people see commonly on websites today.

There are various reasons why websites from a few decades ago only provided basic text for the most part. One of the main reasons was because the technology needed to support attributes such as huge graphics, video, audio, and other related technology was not present or in its infant stage 20 years ago. Over the past few decades, a lot of progress has been made regarding technology. As a result, many websites that are on the Internet today are rich layered multi media websites that give users an outstanding user experience.

The technology infrastructure behind the Internet today is highly developed and contains all the technology needed to support many of the latest concepts and features that can be utilized on the Internet. Although the technology needed to support a multi media rich environment exists currently, website owners still need to make sure that their websites are designed, developed, coded and structured in a manner that will allow the websites to perform in an outstanding manner in all areas of website operations.

One of the things that website owners should do to make sure that their website is performing in the proper manner is to perform a load test regarding their website. A load test will provide needed information to let website owners know if the pages on their website are loading at a desirable speed.

If the results of a load test show load times for pages that is below the suggested speed rate, then website owners should address the slow load times. The reason is because slow load times can result in many website visitors leaving a website in a few seconds instead of waiting for web pages to load completely.

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A Major Reason Why Visitors Leave Websites

One of the questions that is studied most regarding websites is how to improve website performance. Many people focus on getting traffic to their website. However, without a website that has all the essentials needed to keep people on the website, the majority of website visitors will quickly leave the website. Therefore, it is very important that website owners understand the importance of website performance.

There are numerous aspects to website performance. One of the main aspects is website speed, according to this webpage. In the digital world that people live in today, website speed is crucial to the success of any website. People have a short attention span. As a result, when people visit a website, they will quickly make a decision on whether to remain on the website to browse the website or click the back button to go somewhere else.

For website owners, the first three to five seconds that visitors land on a website are critical to the ultimate success of a website. Website owners need to make sure that the speed of their website is good enough to reduce the number of visitors who might leave their website. There are several ways that website owners can improve website speed. Some of the most common ways are to:

  • Reduced the size of graphics and images on website pages.
  • When possible, use thumbnail size images instead of full size images.
  • Ensure that adequate memory is installed on website servers.

The importance of website speed has been proven to be a reason why many visitors will leave websites. Basically most problems that occur related to website speed involve the load time of web pages. The quicker web pages load the quicker the speed of a website will become.

It is very difficult to generate website traffic. The source of the website traffic maybe free or paid. However, either way visitors will leave a poor performing website related to speed or other factors. Website owners should take the time to test the speed of their websites to ensure that the speed is not causing people to leave their website.

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The Website Performance

As far load testing, stress testing or speed or performance testing is concerned, there are a lot of overlaps between the three. Therefore, it takes an experienced and knowledgeable eye to tell the differences between the three. When all three of these tests are done, it is assumed that the software in concern has passed functionality testing. The following is a brief recap of what each one is.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is all about run time efficiency. This is usually done under moderate load situations. What the engineer does in this situation is try and find if there are any application response problems due to resource or latency issues. It's important to remember here that these kinds of issues have more to do with the architecture, design, and implementation of the software, and not with functional bugs.

Load Testing

After performance testing is done, we come to load-testing. This is, as the name suggests, a test done to see what kind of volume and endurance the software is capable of. The test will be done (with tools like Load-View-Testing) to mimic real world scenarios as close as possible. There are automated tools available to accomplish this. Volume testing is easy to understand. This is when a lot of users are mimicked using the software at the same time, within a specified amount of time. Which brings us to the next point, which would be the amount of time the software is used heavily without having a glitch.

Stress Testing

Stress testing is about finding the software breaking point. This is done by throwing all types of scenarios at it and waiting and watching to see where and what breaks. When this is done, the engineers will be able to see how well the software degrades, and how well it recovers. Some of the ways this is accomplished is by starting and stopping it quickly, putting much more load on it than it will ever encounter, reduce hardware components such as RAM and disk space.

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