A Major Reason Why Visitors Leave Websites

One of the questions that is studied most regarding websites is how to improve website performance. Many people focus on getting traffic to their website. However, without a website that has all the essentials needed to keep people on the website, the majority of website visitors will quickly leave the website. Therefore, it is very important that website owners understand the importance of website performance.

There are numerous aspects to website performance. One of the main aspects is website speed. In the digital world that people live in today, website speed is crucial to the success of any website. People have a short attention span. As a result, when people visit a website, they will quickly make a decision on whether to remain on the website to browse the website or click the back button to go somewhere else.

For website owners, the first three to five seconds that visitors land on a website are critical to the ultimate success of a website. Website owners need to make sure that the speed of their website is good enough to reduce the number of visitors who might leave their website. There are several ways that website owners can improve website speed. Some of the most common ways are to:

  • Reduced the size of graphics and images on website pages.
  • When possible, use thumbnail size images instead of full size images.
  • Ensure that adequate memory is installed on website servers.

The importance of website speed has been proven to be a reason why many visitors will leave websites. Basically most problems that occur related to website speed involve the load time of web pages. The quicker web pages load the quicker the speed of a website will become.

It is very difficult to generate website traffic. The source of the website traffic maybe free or paid. However, either way visitors will leave a poor performing website related to speed or other factors. Website owners should take the time to test the speed of their websites to ensure that the speed is not causing people to leave their website.